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Once you have created your account, you will have to contact PSE Archery Store Customer Service at 1-877-717-9152 or to have your account approved by our customer service team.

Special Pricing: PSE approved Retailers and Employees qualify for special pricing on online store apparel and decals. These discounts are visible after logging in to an approved Retailer or Employee Account. The PSE website will show regular (retail) pricing until your Retailer or Employee account is activated.

Customized Items:
By qualifying for a Retailer or Employee account, you will be approved to order customized items. Many of the items on our site can be custom screen-printed or embroidered with your name, location, contact information, and/or custom logo.

Preferred Service: We have dedicated staff on-site to address your Retailer or Employee acount questions and needs. Our Customer Service Representatives are dedicated to making your PSE experience as simple and satisfying as possible.